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ydox & Microsoft supercharges workplace collaboration with Office365


The moment we have been waiting for with great anticipation has arrived – ydox is fully integrated with Microsoft’s Office365 online editing suite” – Carl Wallace, founder


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What does this mean?

ydox users can easily open, create and work on any office file inside the safety of ydox. Setup agreements, proposals or letters from any device and have it in your client’s hands within minutes without ever accessing your email.


Real time Co-Authoring

Multiple people can co-author the same office files in real time, from any device any where in the world.


Supercharged Collaboration

With everything coming together ydox allows teams to work better by bringing internal text, voice or face to face messaging, notes, file sharing, file authoring, co-autoring, digital document signing, approval workflows, file previews and so much more into one single workplace. ydox is now optimised to bring out the best in your team and to maximise productivity.


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