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Why neglecting your digital security can seriously harm your business


Irrespective of your business type or industry, online or bricks and mortar, if you use any digital services in your day to day operations like email your business is at risk.


We often leave ourselves vulnerable because a digital threat feels less tangible than the threat facing a physical space such as a factory or retail unit.

This lack of preventive measurements leaves the door wide open to hackers and security infringements, yet one of the things that is more likely to sting business owners is the risk of non-compliance with protocols such as data protection and POPI compliance, which is why email scrubbing has become such a thriving trend.

Think about the effect a major data breach could have on your reputation not even to mention that financial devastation of a law suit.

Whilst this stuff may not seem as serious as the need to protect and insure against a factory fire or an armed robbery, business owners need to start taking their digital security more serious.

Keep everything under lock and key 

You wouldn’t protect your physical business with a flimsy lock or gate, you would most certainly secure your business with proper measurements like secure locks, alarms, gates etc. The same is required for all your digital access points. Make sure the tech you use offers the proper digital security and user authentication methods to minimise any form of cyber risk.

Make sure your backups are in good hands

If you’ve been in the position where you’ve lost important data due then you’ll have already learned the hard way about the value of backing up data to the cloud.  It’s vital you back-up your work and important documents, as today, the value of the data we have within our businesses is often one of the most valuable assets we possess.

Change the way you work with digital files

The biggest threat currently in the cyber world is the mailing of sensitive documents. By using a platform like ydox, you can prevent the risk of email phishing completely. ydox gives you complete file collaboration between you, your employees and your clients behind a secure firewall where no hacker can intercept any invoice or fica documents.

To make this simple yet powerful shift in your business get in touch with our team for more information. Switching to ydox could be one of the most important decisions you make in your business. You owe it to yourself and to the future of your work.

by Carl Wallace | Group CEO of Digital HQ