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What to expect from ydox 2

2018’s biggest highlight since the birth of ydox, was the partnership & integration with Microsoft’s Office365. This has opened a new world of possibilities, allowing ydox users not only office file editing capabilities, but co-authoring on files from various locations without the file ever leaving the security of ydox.


Now that Office365 is a stock standard part of the ydox experience, we are incredibly excited for what 2019 will bring – YDOX version 2 – which still needs a name.


Version 2 will take the product into a new category all together. Where its primary focus has been security, file management and file collaboration, ydox has since transformed to a comprehensive work tool. A tool that brings all the critical functions of work into one place.

You might still be wondering what I am actually saying, so let me elaborate.

Imagine merging tools like Dropbox, Skype, Slack, Evernote, Office365 & Docu-sign into one single platform.



That is exactly what we have done with ydox 2. Implementing all these tools in your company is costly, especially for large teams. ydox 2 offers file management, collaboration, co-authoring, note taking, task tracking, and all internal and external company communication and digital meetings in one place.

One place for all your work.

The first big notice in the interface is the interface itself. ydox is sexy, intriguing and invites users to spend more time on the platform. Head innovator & founder of ydox – Carl Wallace spends 120% of his time, redesigning and rethinking the processes of the platform over and over, continually driven to ultimate perfection. Perfecting the way you feel, the how you do it, the ease of actions and the effectiveness of multiple teams working together as one all over the world.



ydox NOTES is scheduled to launch on the first of March and will allow users to jot down their thoughts, ideas and capture meeting minutes. They can share notes with team members and external collaborators to allow all stakeholders to contribute to the conversation. Email is such an unsafe and cluttered communication method. ydox NOTES boxes up company communication in a controlled and safe environment.



Only two months after the launch of NOTES you can expect to see the most comprehensive business chat and digital meeting tool in the world. Our text, audio and video communication tools are state of the art and will provide your company with a reliable digital form of communication, cutting away time wasted in physical meetings and digital interruptions. Setup digital meetings with ydox CHAT that will remind all participants of the meeting and connect everyone to the call the minute they sign in.



Simple. Easy. Effective.



“ I have said time and again that the workplace has changed dramatically and will continue doing so. Our ydox 2 will prove to the world that we are leading the innovation front on the future workplace and help companies to become future-fit for a next generation workplace.  “ – Carl Wallace | CEO

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