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The WHY behind ydox – founder’s vision


What you see is only the tip of the ice-berg. It is very seldom that an entrepreneur allows people to see what lies beneath the surface, their vision.

I get asked more frequently these days why I started ydox. Truth is: there is no short answer to this question and it usually takes more than a few coffees to relay the message as it always turns into an interesting discussion. What was meant to be a single article, evolved into a five-part series on the topic.


The WHY in the WHY / HOW / WHAT chart speaks to your cause, your purpose. Apple’s WHY is: “We believe in challenging the status quo and doing this differently”.


My WHY is slightly more complex than this, yet it is vital that everyone that comes into contact with me, or one of my companies, knows and understands this. WHY is the purpose behind my vision, and the best way to get someone to buy into your product is to get them to buy into your WHY, if that happens, they share your purpose in why they use your product, which aligns goals on both sides.


Implementing new technologies in any business requires changes to be made, some far greater than others, nevertheless, very few people like change. This is why, firstly, knowledge and secondly, belief in the WHY behind the solution, makes the change easier and implementation more successful.


Here’s a simple example of how important the WHY is.

When it comes to tech devices, I only use Apple products. I have done so for many years and I don’t think that will change any time soon. Even if Apple releases an iPhone or Mac that I don’t like, I will ride that wave until a better product arrives, because I bought into their WHY, which is far more important than buying or skipping a single product. I want to be part of being different and challenging the status quo, just like Apple does.


Before I get into the details of my WHY, here is my shot at putting it all in one sentence:



ydox enables teams to work better, safer and together even while apart, and protecting our environment at the same time.



This sentence actually says way more than it seams. My WHY is based on four pillars,

  1. A much-needed improvement in the way we work, in order to work better
  2. To work in a safer environment seeing that the battle to secure email communication is never-ending
  3. Working together while apart in a world where remote working has become the new normal
  4. A better way to manage company content that does not contribute to the vast amount of digital waste which, believe it or not, is a huge threat to the environment.


These pillars form the next four articles in my WHY series.


If ydox can make a difference in the world by focussing on these four pillars, then I would have completed my life’s work. My WHY, is not just my WHY – it needs to become your WHY and for successful implementation within your business, your employees’ WHY. Get that right, and we’re well on our way to changing the way we work for the better.


If you’re ready to adapt my WHY, then you’re ready to work better. Click here to book a FREE ydox consultation and product demo.