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The gains of meetingless weeks

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings. —­Dave Barry


Winston Churchill used to say that no matter is so great that it could not be resolved in 20 minutes, which is why many of his meetings were standing and no longer than 20 minutes.

Meetings bring teams together to help them move forward. However sometimes, they slow down or event prevent progress. In a recent study by, 47 percent claimed attending too many meetings was their biggest waste of time at work. In my very own career, I have had a fair share of health problems that prevented me from spending time at the office much less going out to meetings. During this time I found the true value in utilising the right processes and technology to minimise time spent in talks and more time spent in the doing and maximising outputs.

Knowing that my time became more and more valuable especially as our group of companies grew larger, I had to find ways to get more out of my time. I needed to become proactive instead of reactive and instead of squeezing in work in between meetings, I prioritised my work, planned my week around that and then squeezed in meetings in between work priorities when absolutely needed. This naturally helped me become more accountable to myself and I started producing so much more work and yielded the best results.


Meeting deadlines

When you have meetings you often end up with a long list of other people’s urgent matters to address instead of your own. This derails your focus and gives you even less time to attend to your top priorities. As a creative that is tasked with driving organisational innovation, it is vital for me to sustain my creative flow and focus on my mission-critical tasks. Many days I spend more time doing work from home, where I am comfortable and undisturbed, giving me the opportunity to produce my very best of work. In fact, some of my greatest work ever done happens during the night. So instead of spending fragmented time on this most vital work, I dedicate hours of undisturbed time to it.



So, there is obviously the operational side of the business that need to carry on in full swing, which is why I had to learn to trust my management to stand in for me and take over some of my tasks and meetings. This has been one of my greatest challenges, difficulties I still struggle with today, but as a leader, healthy delegation of duties is absolutely critical. As a result hereof, my team is empowered with more authority, a sense of ownership and stripped me of my need to micro manage. This new found empowerment created a happier team and a happier working environment.


Technology that works

This is where YDOX plays a vital role. My purpose for developing a comprehensive workplace tool, is so my team can get more done with less. Companies are subscribed to so many tools these days to get things done which ends up costing a fortune.

To run a streamlined business in any industry and to get the utmost out of a team, one would need the functionality of platforms like Dropbox, Office 365, Slack, Skype, Docusign and Kaspersky for your digital security. Having all these tools could cost over a R1000 per employee per month, an outrageous expense just to get things done.

So I thought, seeing that we are a tech company, and we are building a secure cloud file management platform, why not combine all of these tools into one. If you had to marry these platform and they had to birth the perfect offspring with an upgrade in DNA, the child would be what YDOX is today.

Besides having a secure central place for all files for internal and external stakeholders, from proposals, to invoices, to working files, spreadsheets, presentations, designs, agreements, ydox allows for communication and notes to be made per file, keeping all work related communication in one single platform for complete transparency and instant access to all related stakeholders. On top of this we have voice and video calling, taking care of instant and short meetings, freeing up more time for the important work at hand.

Having our entire organisation’s work, progress, communication and legal paper work in one place keeps me on top of things no matter whether I am behind my desk, at home late at night innovating or in the hospital bed.

This is the future of work. YDOX brings our team, suppliers and clients into the same room and to top it all off, the platform is branded with your own brand, allowing you to provide unmeasurable trust and value to your clients, from start to finish.

Work better. Work with ydox.