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The Future Of Work – Part 5


The way we are currently working is damaging our planet. It is time to change.


Early in my career, I started getting frustrated by the amount of redundant digital content we were creating by sharing multiple file versions without efficient ways to manage versions and reduce redundant data. As a result, the majority of the world-wide cloud infrastructure today exists purely to house meaningless files that will never be accessed again.


I am aware that storing critical content is important, and I fully support that we should but what I am referring to, is all the draft copies of files and outdated file versions that will never be looked at again.


I actually calculated one day that if we mail out every company document five times on average, there will be five times the volume of data we create floating around on cloud servers, mail inboxes and unsecured laptops that are beyond our control. We have no way of accessing those files or getting rid of them. They just remain perpetually somewhere in the cloud.


Protecting the environment became a real thing.

To be honest, protecting the environment was never a direct purpose behind ydox. It became very real to me when I recently learned about the impact digital has on the world’s environments and that our technology can actually make a difference.


The way we create and manage digital data has devastating effects on the world’s environment.


What I found during my research was so astounding that I started a series of articles on the world’s data waste and how it is damaging our planet. I cannot imagine why the impact of digital is being ignored when the cloud industry is such a massive contributor to environmental damage.


You can read my first article in the digital waste series, The Dark Cloud of Waste We’re All Ignoring, which you can read here.


For proper insights, I recommend reading the full article, but in short, the world’s Data Centre’s — the storehouses for enormous quantities of information — consume about three per cent of the global electricity supply (more than the entire United Kingdom alone), and produce two per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions — roughly the same as global air travel.

That alone is cause for concern and enough reason to stop pretending that we are not contributing to our planet’s destruction by our daily activities.


I am committed to working with business teams all over the world to create Smart Virtual Workspace Infrastructures that can change the way they work to the extent that we can flatten the curve on the vast creation and storage of digital waste. Stand with me in driving this change.

The future of work is here. It should just be work.



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