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The Future Of Work – Part 4


Working together, while apart.


The one fantastic thing that happened in 2020 was that remote work was fast-tracked by years. The world was forced to start working in a way we should have been working all along. The benefits of remote working far outweigh the disadvantages by a country mile.

Prior to 2020, I struggled to get people to share my enthusiasm about remote work. To many, it was a foreign concept that did not deserve any immediate focus or a subject that was parked for the distant future.


Microsoft proved to be right.

Remote work is the best thing that could have happened to our world-wide workplace and the viability thereof has been proven long before 2020.

Companies like Microsoft did case studies years ago where they tested remote working and managed to increase team productivity by around 30%, if memory serves me right, while decreasing time spent working at the same time. Then there’s also the saving on time wasted commuting to and from the office. They are one of the first global giants to announce their permanent shift to remote work.

In most cases, employees are working fewer hours but producing higher volumes or quality of work due to increased focus and productivity. How they spend the additional time in the day is up to them, a huge win for personal moral. This is an obvious win-win situation for the employee and company.


The core purpose of ydox is to enable remote work and allow teams to work together on company content as if they were in the same room. It brings all company content together, in one secure co-working space online.


During this pandemic, my entire team worked from home and it made no difference whether everyone was in the same city or in separate countries all around the world, ydox brought us all together, as if in the same room.


Technology is key.

Successful remote work really comes down to having proper technologies coupled with the proper processes and procedures.

For project management, we use which is an incredible tool for managing every detail of intricate projects. With and ydox combined, we had everything we need to run 100% virtual.


Are you sure the technology you are using to enable remote work is the right tool for your business or did you grasp at the nearest to solve an immediate problem?

We hardly use email and are starting to move away from email communication with clients to a more secure, in-platform communication.
Last but certainly not least, look after your company culture. Remote work is a big shock to the system and can have negative effects on the team culture. People are disconnected, and team leaders need to find new ways of keeping their teams engaged and connected.



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