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The Future Of Work – Part 3


A safer place for work content & communication


Since the birth of email, cybersecurity threats have been the order of the day. No matter what security measures you put in place, as long as content and communication gets blasted outward, you lose control of its safekeeping. Criminals are always one step ahead and find new ways of getting their hands on valuable digital content and causing serious harm to organisations.


The cybersecurity business is a billion-dollar industry, and it is my opinion that we are fuelling this industry by the way we manage content.


I have seen security solutions so tight it makes it impossible for the company to innovate or introduce anything new. There is no way we can carry on like this.


I watched a movie scene where the rich go into a Swiss bank to access their valuables in a security vault. The items never leave the safety of the vault, they need to go there whenever they need access to it.

That is when I realised that we could do the same with our most valuable digital content and communication. Stakeholders should come into our safe environment to access our content and join our conversations. Nothing should leave our ‘Swiss vault’.

It makes logical sense to stop the sending out of content and ring-fence it behind unbreakable security. Bring the conversation to the secure environment where nothing can be intercepted, or unauthenticated access can be gained.

The weakest link in digital security remains our people because we have no way of controlling how they handle content. Control the content behind the safety of a tech solution and you minimise the risk of human error.

An example of how this is achieved in ydox, is the integration between ydox and Microsoft’s online Office365 suite, which allows users to view and work on all Office file types inside the safety of ydox.

The built-in co-working features, allows multiple people to work on the same file simultaneously with no need to email the file back and forth.

The entire lifecycle of a document, from creation, through drafting phase, all communication, feedback loops, digital signing and notes pertaining to this file can live and remain in the safety of a tool like ydox.

This is a safer way to communicate on critical work and leave the use of email for notification messages only. This will remove most of the risk associated with email.

If this workflow is diligently implemented into a Smart Virtual Workspace Infrastructure,  it will provide the ultimate competitive advantage with proactive data protection and human-centric connectivity and collaboration tools for your team. This will most certainly boost productivity, efficiencies and could impact your bottom line.

Introduce a mobile app into this workspace with the sole purpose of keeping people notified and informed and you render the need for email, especially for internal communication, obsolete.

There won’t be a single solution for all business types, but if you have the right team implementing such a Smart Virtual Workspace Infrastructure, the average business can achieve the desired outcome with no more than 2 to 3 tech solutions. A big part of the future workspace is the absence of legacy software and the ridiculous maintenance and consulting fees that accompany them.

An important aspect to consider when choosing the right tech, is how your clients access your content and which stumbling blocks they might experience.

Customers should be able to access content or communication in the simplest and fastest way, without jeopardising security.



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