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The Future Of Work – Part 2


Time for a much-needed change in the way we work.


Work communication and content management as we know it has never really changed. It was created and designed for previous generations, even though the world evolved since then, the way we work with content and work communication hasn’t.


You might be asking, why change something that works?

But does it really work?


Yes, many new communication tools have launched since email, but what makes them so different?

All communication tools are used to broadcast a message and some company files to one or many people. These platforms have different names like Whatsapp, Slack, Discord or whatever tools you use to share messages and content.

They function pretty much the same as email which inherently distributes company content and important communications outward into an environment that cannot be controlled or secured.


This way of working is inefficient.


It creates a magnitude of redundant data, which


– costs money,

– creates multiple versions of the truth,

– lands the wrong company documents, into the wrong hands

– and contributes to the fast-growing environmental damage to our planet.


This way of communicating is like a shotgun shooting bucket loads of company information and content into the online world where it just gets lost and/or stolen.


Company content and communication gets lost in mail inboxes, old content is hard to find and when an individual is not available, access to critical data, content or communication threads gets lost.

Filtering through terabytes of content to find work that might not be the correct version is one of the many examples where time is wasted and often, reputations too.

These are problems businesses of all sizes face, yet no one has done a thing to change it.

A big part of the WHY behind my work originates from the frustration this caused in my own company. I now know that everyone has the same problem but not necessarily the means to change it. No off the shelf product will change the way we work. Change needs to be part of the business strategy.

I believe we should reverse engineer the way we work with content.

Instead of blasting out company content and critical communication to the world, bring the conversation to the content, from outward to inward communication, keeping one version of the conversation and all content in a safe environment where it is accessible to all the necessary stakeholders at any given time.

This way content is not duplicated, does not end up in the wrong hands, cannot be hacked or intercepted or altered in ways to commit fraud.

It would consolidate content and communication in a way that retains a single version of the truth and enables quick and easy access to any work and communication on a particular file or project to stakeholders that need it.



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