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The Future of Work – Part 1


What we know is only the tip of the iceberg. The real opportunity lies in the unknown below the surface. Carl Wallace – Founder


We are all busy with important work. Some more important than others, but every one of us attaches our own level of importance to our work-life activities. Do we not owe it to ourselves to look at how we can improve our shortcomings or inefficiencies? If work is where we spend most of our time, then we ought to explore ways of maximizing the benefit we receive from it, especially when that benefit is extended to our planet’s environments.

I am a follower of Simon Sinek and find value in his teachings and perspectives. In his WHY / HOW / WHAT talk, the WHY speaks to purpose.

I want to use his example of Apple’s WHY purely to demonstrate how powerful the WHY behind a product or brand could be. Please don’t take offence if you are not an Apple fan, this is just an example to illustrate how getting people’s buy-in to your WHY, can start a movement.

Apple’s WHY is:

We believe in challenging the status quo and doing this differently.

Yes, they make good tech products, but as a brand, they stand for something far greater. They are the fathers behind doing something different.

Every Apple customer shares this belief, and so do I. Since I can remember, I have only used Apple products.

Even if Apple releases an iPhone or Mac that I don’t like, I will ride that wave until a better product arrives, purely because I bought into their WHY, which is far more important than buying or skipping a single product. I want to be part of their “being different” and “challenging the status quo”.


Why am I sharing this?

The world is changing fundamentally and these problems that have been overlooked for decades is surfacing as we seek ways of improving efficiencies and productivity in business.


However, solving them will require the buy-in of many business management teams around the world as we all need to work together.

Similar to global warming, it is everyone’s responsibility to get involved and contribute.


The four areas of work where I believe significant change can be made is the following:

  1. A much-needed improvement in the way we work, in order to work better
  2. To work in a safer environment seeing that the battle to secure email communication is never-ending
  3. Working together while apart in a world where remote working has become the new normal
  4. A better way to manage company content that does not contribute to the vast amount of digital waste which, believe it or not, is a huge threat to the environment.


These four discoveries form the basis of the future of work.


Why have these issues not been addressed over so many years?

Most likely because creating change in a large organization is extremely difficult and requires buy-in from everyone. The decision-maker is most likely not the owner so the “What’s in it for me” is far less relevant. Their decision would require buying into the bigger picture of the greater good.

Making this shift in small business teams is far simpler and the value can be seen almost immediately. If it’s the business owner making the decision, the “What’s in it for me” is clear and easier to define.



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