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Safeguard Your Business Online

Safeguard Your Business Online with These Easy Steps

It has never been more important to Safeguard Your Business Online – Business owners simply cannot assume that cyber-attacks won’t happen to them. No matter how careful you are, danger lurks around every corner, every weak password and every suspicious link that a co-worker clicks on.

It is therefore imperative that you, and everyone that you work with, follow the tips below to safeguard your business online.

Use Strong Passwords

Due to the amount of logging-in and logging-out we do every day, we have taken passwords for granted and it has become general practice to use the same easy-to-remember password for all our online platforms.

This is a major mistake – make sure you follow the steps below to create unique, secure passwords for every platform that you log into online and be sure to change them regularly to avoid a security breach:

  • Use numbers and letters that are not obvious and easy to guess.
  • Use at least 8 characters.
  • Use at least one uppercase letter.
  • Use at least one lowercase letter.
  • Use at least 1 number.
  • User at least 1 special character.

If a password is easy-to-remember, it’s just as easy for hackers to figure out.

Store all your data on ydox

ydox is here to keep your files safe. The platform is encrypted and sensitive data is safe here. If you store your files anywhere else, you will open yourself to data leaks and the financial and reputational damage that goes along with it.

Only share files via ydox

Any file that is sent via email can be intercepted. Sharing files via ydox is safe and secure and prevents any hackers from intercepting files and causing your business any harm.

It is imperative that your entire organisation only shares files through a secure online platform.

Avoid Suspicious Links

Do not open any links that may seem unfamiliar to you. If you did not play the UK lottery, chances are you did not win it. Do not open links out of curiosity, no matter if it was sent via email or on social media platforms.

If you are unsure about clicking a link that was sent from someone you know, rather contact them to make sure it was sent by them, and not by someone posing to be them.

Avoid Suspicious Attachments

Criminals can install dangerous tracking codes and malware onto your computer by the clever use of attachments. If you receive an invoice, CV or other documents from unknown or suspicious persons, hit delete and get rid of the danger as soon as possible.

To see how ydox can help safeguard your business online, click here and sign up for a free trial.