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The Ultimate Guide to POPI & GDPR

Free E-Book: The Ultimate Guide to POPI & GDPR

As part of our commitment to educate South Africans about cyber security and the protection of data and information, we have compiled an easy-to-understand e-book – The Ultimate Guide to POPI & GDPR.

The European GDPR regulations and POPI Act of South Africa are very serious legislations that could get businesses into serious trouble for non-compliance.

There are many boxes that needs ticking, from technology, to processes, to human interaction and right down to your legal paperwork and the terms and policies protecting you from the dangers of non-compliance.

It is vital for every business to understand the purpose of POPI: why it exists and what you need to know to ensure that you comply. The Ultimate Guide to POPI and GDPR e-book, will guide you along the way and is downloadable for free.

The implications for non-compliance are very serious and can mean the end of your business. Fortunately, with the right technology and advice you can become compliant with ease, and it may cost much less than you might imagine.

We have produced The Ultimate Guide to POPI & GDPR to answer all your questions about POPI and the GDPR and how to ensure compliance with both pieces of legislation. A guide with all the answers and key points to consider – available for free download.


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