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International Hacker Shuts Down Government Website

International Hacker Shuts Down Government Website… Again

For the third time in three months, a South African Government website has been hacked and taken offline by notorious international hacker, @VirusSec.

In his latest attack, @VirusSec has seemingly taken down the Cybersecurity Hub website,

The mandate of the Cybersecurity Hub is to protect South African citizens and businesses online, and to contribute to the security of National Critical Infrastructure.

It has been revealed that @VirusSec is yet again responsible for this attack, claiming that the “current South African government is greedy, and it needs to change”

@VirusSec, who himself is not South African, stated that ‘they’ know many South Africans and that they had also visited the country before.

“People tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about, but I have been in South Africa. I know what it’s like.”

In June, the same hacker took down the Presidency’s website, saying that the attack was in protest against the lion bone trade and to punish the government for allowing the auctions of rhino horns.

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In Early August, the Department of Environmental Affairs was also hacked by @VirusSec, who maintains that the South African Government is the target, and not the people of South Africa.

“Hence why many websites have been hacked, but no personal information has been leaked.”

It has been a day since the hack, and from what we can see, is still down – not a good sign for our Government’s efforts to combat the growing rate of cyber crime.

It is also reported by News24 that @VirusSec claimed that “This is not the end“, which means we could well see another South African Government website going offline soon.

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