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Improving team communication for optimal results


A problem I believe exists in every team in the world is communication. And the larger the team the worse it gets and the more processes and technologies are required to ensure smooth and open communication.


In a diverse team, it could be even more troublesome as culture and background also come into play.

How can you avoid these kinds of communication problems in your team? Better yet, how can you take your team communication to such a level that it improves your efficiency, deliverable and ultimately your bottom line?

Here are a few pointers I believe will go a long way to perfecting your team communication.


Establish Goals:

This step is key and very important in the sense that goals serve as a blueprint for action, do this first before starting anything else. Determine what you want to accomplish, how you will accomplish your goals, and allocate a timeframe to it.


Clearly Communicate Goals:

The team’s goal should be clearly expressed and should be easily understood by everyone in the team and any teams that may be assisting your team. Be sure to specifically outline what is expected of everyone involved. This includes long term and short term goals. Every member of the team plays a vital role in achieving the overall goals of the team to ensure each individual knows the part they play.


Put It in Writing:

There’s a saying which says that the faintest Ink is better than the best memory. Whether it is an email, text or a document, make sure the most important aspects of the project are put into writing so employees and managers can always make reference to it in the future.


Use Technology:

There are hundreds of tools available that can help improve team collaboration. Tools like ydox could also be useful in achieving this purpose. ydox has all your work stored in one place and your entire company communication in one platform. Your files, chat tools and notes all in the same place.


Give Feedback:

Giving feedback also includes giving suggestions. Don’t just say you dislike something or that something could be better. Be sure to give suggestions, solutions and concrete examples of how it could be improved.


Meet Often:

Meeting frequently keeps your team engaged and holds everyone accountable. If possible, meet face-to-face for better collaboration and group cohesion. A Forbes survey of over 750 business executives found that eight out of ten executives prefer in-person meetings citing they build “stronger, more meaningful relationships, ability to read another person, and greater social interaction.”


Clearly Delegate:

Assign clear goals to everyone on the team and whether in school, at the office, out in the field or with a group of volunteers, teamwork is in the DNA of productivity. While there are many factors that play into the success of a team, communication is at the core. Regardless of the team’s talent, ambition, and cohesiveness, communication could make or break a team’s success.


Check-in frequently

Make sure the people understand the task and responsibilities assigned to them and are on track to meet the project deadline. Consider the fact that miscommunication can send your team off in the wrong direction. Frequent check-ins to ensure everyone is on the same page is healthy, just stay away from micromanaging.



This goes a long way, showing gratitude, and appreciating the members of your team for all the ideas, time, suggestions and all the hard work they are contributing towards achieving set goals. Awards, acknowledgment, gifts, thank-you’s, there are many ways of showing appreciation.


Be Positive:

We all yield to it from time-to-time, but in general, no one wants to be around negativity. Boost the morale of your team members by staying positive, providing positive feedback and reframing negative. No problem can be solved positively with a negative mindset. You have the power to choose how you act and react. Staying calm and positive will always have a better end result.


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