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You are the first and last defence in securing your business


You will notice in many of our white papers & articles that we often mention encryption. Encryption is essential in the protection of any data, but it can be of little use if your underlying systems are vulnerable. Poor handling of encryption keys and use of encryption to transmit data but not for storage itself, creates serious vulnerability.

Other technological security measures like AI machine learning and Blockchain are also effective, but much like all new technology it takes time to fully trust and understand it. Even unfettered faith in any new security technology will not give you the peace of mind of a stress free, guaranteed secure digital environment.

The biggest problem these technologies has no cure for, is the operator, you.

They can only treat the problems the operator is responsible for. If you look back at any cyber attack of late, big or small, you can trace the responsibility back to human error in 90% of all cyber security and privacy breeches.

With this in mind it is in your best interest to identify yourself as the problem, and start curing from there.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
– Albert Einstein.


Are you insane?

Ignoring this fact can certainly open the conversation. If you are still doing business the same way you have been doing for years, you are destined to be struck by breeches and attacks. This is a very big problem. The first step towards a more secure environment is changing the way you work with digital content. The digital world is moving much too fast for you to ignore this fact.

Billions are being invested into cloud security technologies, dangling the illusion of a Fort Knox in front of our noses, but truth be told, we are not getting the expected return.


How do we know that?

Simple: breaches are still common occurrences because many cyber security attacks are directly related to operator usage – human error or negligence. Irrespective of the content being handled, the operator is the cause of significant grief. Unless we design a system that removes all human interaction from all operations and interactions with technology or allow the machines to do the decision making, operators neet to step up their game.


Starting with you.

Technology is useful when used as intended. To be honest, we are absolutely dependant on technology for a thousand reasons. The honest fact is that security measurements like encryption does not make you James Bond. We need to move out of the dark and shed light on the limitations of technology – you don’t become a super spy or keeper of secrets, because you use technology; you become better at protecting information by how you use – and even not use – the technology.


Who decides how we use technology? You do.

That is the bottom line here, the fundamental first and last defence barrier in cybersecurity, data protection or privacy is you and your people and how you use and interact with the technologies in your business. With all the incredible technological advancements made of late, the one paradigm shift we have not yet seen, is a serious change in the way people work with data, files or any form of digital information.

We are so quick to adopt any new piece of tech, but painfully slow to adapt any change in the way we operate, work or generally just do things. We remain stuck in our old ways and refuse to leave the comfort zone, even with the obvious benefits staring us right in the face.

What most business people don’t grasp, is that every day is one day closer to a major security breech. A breech that could be recoverable or not, a day closer to the end of your business. Due to the cost of information leaks and breaches being non-linear, it makes sense that we, the operators, do what we can to reduce the weak points.

That is why you are the first, last and best defence and always will be.