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All your questions answered.

No stone unturned…

We know you have questions, so we have answered as much of them as we can. If this does not help, please get in touch with us.

01. How is ydox organised?

Ydox was developed with simplicity in mind.  Its interface has multiple categories that will help you organize your critical information and invaluable documents, making them available at a moment’s notice. You have control of setting up any favourable folder structure.

02. What documents can I store with ydox?

You may upload files in any document format. You can get a free demo of Ydox so that you can experiment.

03. How do I upload documents to ydox?

Upload single or multiple files with one click. Check out this video to see for yourself…

04. Why would I use ydox?

Using Ydox is an economic, simple and secure way of protecting all the data that you store on a hard drive. Your irreplaceable documents can be uploaded in case your equipment fails or get corrupted. When your computer downloads a virus that makes your hard drive useless or your computer fails, you will always have the important files that you uploaded to an online backup provider like Ydox. You can even share those files with business associates.

05. How secure is ydox?

The simple answer is 100% secure. Ydox offers the best security available. Our three level encryption ensures your data is securely encrypted during rest and in transit.

06. What is cloud or cloud storage?

Unlike your computer, which stores your files on physical equipment, such as CDs, DVDs, Zip disks or its own hard drive, a cloud storage provider like Ydox stores your files on multiple hard drives. These are still physical equipment, but it seems like your files are being stored in a cloud, which refers to the Internet, that is floating around between any of the devices you use to access the cloud service provider. If you want to retrieve something from your computer, you have to be on that computer. However, if you want to retrieve something from a remote backup service, you can do it from anywhere or at anytime and with any piece of Internet equipment.

07. Which ydox plan is best for my business?

This really depends on how much data you need to backup, the size of your files, what you are storing and how many users you would like to be a part of your account. Music files are anywhere from 3 to 4MBs and video files are anywhere from 5 to several MBs and digital photographs can be the same size as videos.

If you are storing a lot of data, you need to use one of the better plans that offer increased storage space.

08. Why is my data safe with ydox?

We can assure you that your files cannot be modified without your knowledge, even if our system was hacked. Only you have the keys to open and share your data.

We use end-user encryption to guarantee all that. Files are secured before they leave your device and remain fully encrypted until they reach the recipient.

This means that no one (not even our developers) can access the data you store. With current technology, hacking just one file would take a lifetime.

09. What does access permissions mean?

When sharing files on Ydox, you need to define access permissions for all collaborators. You can choose from a checklist of options to enable user access and functionality permission or disable it.

10. How much space does my team get?

YDOX provides three plans to fit your team’s needs. The small business package gives your team 200 GB of shared storage. For teams needing more space, the Medium plan provides 1 TB of space and the Large Business plan provides 1 TB and more.

11. What is the difference between the packages?

Depending on the size of of your business, we have got a plan for small, medium and large businesses. You will notice differences in the users and storage space. For Medium and large businesses you will get a custom end-to-end branded interface. You can compare ydox packages here.

12. Can I get a free trial?

No need for a trial. We have a free demo account to show you through the interface. You can make a decision in minutes once you are in. Click here for a free demo.

13. Can I have fewer than 50 users on my account?

Yes. The Small business package includes a maximum of 50 users, but you don’t need to use all of them. Users include your internal team as well as your clients.

14. How does sharing and collaboration work?

You can add collaborators to shared folders so they always have the most up-to-date versions of files they’re working on together, or you can share a file instead. Plus, as the admin, you can control sharing permissions and see audit logs of sharing activity, including all other activity on files.