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Do you have analytical insights on file usage in your organisation?


Cyber crime has been given the opportunity to rise the way it did because it’s biggest friend is human error – our way of handling digital files with no thought going into consequences.


Are you as a business manager or owner even aware of how people are working with files in your organisation? Can you track it? Do you have a way of identifying where a cyber attack took place, or are you one of those business owners that get caught with their pants down and don’t have any answers?

We decided to build an insights dashboard in ydox, giving you detailed information on how your people work with files. These insights can help you make better decisions, identify problem areas or people or pinpoint where something went wrong when that cyber attack knocked on the door.



Although human error is one of the biggest gateways for cyber attacks to manifest, most business do not have the tools to prevent this or train their people to change behaviour.

Sign up for a free trial today and see how ydox can make the change you need in your organisation to safeguard your business agains modern crimes.

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