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Become a CLUB100 member…

& get access to ydox PREMIUM for FREE

What is CLUB100?

CLUB100 is a member-only club limited to only 100 ydox customers that provides its members with a free month on the PREMIUM plan for every paying client they refer to ydox.



How do you benefit as CLUB100 member?

The ydox PREMIUM plan provides you with 2 TB of disc space, and 100 users, which means you save R 4999 for every paid client you refer to ydox.

How long does your membership last?

If you do not refer a paid client for 3 consecutive months, your membership expires and becomes available to the next in line on our waiting list.



Does this mean you become a sales person for ydox?

We provide you with all the information and product touch-points you need to easily convert your clients to ydox without any effort. By using ydox and promoting the fact that you use it amongst your clients, you can easily convert them to implement ydox within their own businesses.


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