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A safer place for work content and communication – WHY part 2

If you missed the first two parts of the WHY behind ydox series, click on the links below to get up to speed.

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The War Over Cyber Security


Ever since the birth of email, cybersecurity threats have been the order of the day. No matter what security measures you put in place, if you blast content and communication outward, you lose control of its safekeeping. Criminals are always one step ahead and find new ways of getting their hands on valuable digital content and causing serious harm to organisations.

The cyber security business is a billion dollar industry and the way we work with content sets the table for this industry to exist.

I have seen security setups that are so tight it makes it impossible for the company to innovate or introduce anything new. Why should we lock ourselves up to the extent that we limit our own growth?


What made logical sense to me was to stop the sending out of content and ring-fence it in a very secure environment, unknown to the enemy.


I watched an international crime and investigation movie one evening. During one of those typical scenes where the rich go into a Swiss bank to access some of their valuables stored in a security vault it dawned on me that we can do the same with our most valuable company content and communication where people have to come into our safe environment to access our content and join our conversations. Nothing leaves our ‘Swiss vault’.


To bring this idea to life we had to integrate ydox with Microsoft’s online Office365 suite which allows users to view and work on all Office file types inside the safety of ydox. It comes with built in co-working tools, allowing multiple people to work on the same file simultaneously. You can see what the other person is doing even though you might be on the other side of the world.


The entire lifecycle of a document, from creation, through drafting phase, all communication, feedback loops, digital signing and notes pertaining to this file can live and remain in the safety of YDOX. This provides businesses with a safer way to communicate on critical work and leave email for notification messages only.


If done diligently it will create transparency throughout the entire business and ensure one true version of content rather than incorrect versions ending up in the wrong place.


To further decrease the need for email, YDOX now notifies users of any communication via our desktop browser push notifications and mobile app push notifications, keeping users informed even while away from YDOX or without access to email.


Technically, nothing prevents teams from being totally up to speed without reading a single email. I believe that a thorough implementation of YDOX into company processes and workflows can decrease the need for email communication by up to 80% and leave emails for less-important communication.


A lot needs to happen to get to this point in any business, especially when it comes to sharing company content and communicating with third parties as you would need their buy-in as well. But hey, this is a much smaller task than trying to safeguard your business from cyber attacks.


We gave Admin users in YDOX full control over who sees what, so their clients or customers can access the content securely. A vital part of my vision was that all clients or customers of a business that uses YDOX has free access to the content. I strongly believe that while maintaining a secure environment for company content, your customers shouldn’t have any hassle or costs associated with accessing your work.


The next WHY in my series will cover remote working and how ydox enables companies to create a virtual work space where teams can flourish.

If you’re ready to adapt my WHY, then you’re ready to work better. Click here to book a FREE ydox consultation and product demo.